Olé Produções


Olé Produções was founded in 2007 and its partners are the executive producer Gal Buitoni and producer and director Luiz Ferraz. Our main specialty is nonfiction formats and over that time we have had several films screened and awarded at important festivals such as It's All True - International Documentary Film Festival, Karlovy Vary IFF(Czech Rep.), Rio Festival, Gramado Festival, DocsMX (Mexico), Cine Ceará, among others. We have also established important partners such as Globo Filmes, Globonews, Globosat, National Geographic Channel, Itaú Cultural, Canal Curta !, among others.

Among our projects we highlight:

• “It’s All a Plan”, voted the best documentary by the public at the São Paulo International Film Festival 2017, produced with funds from the Audiovisual Sector Fund (FSA – Prodav 6 line) and with direct sponsorships, was licensed to Canal Curta! and today it is found on digital platforms such as Now and Vimeo on Demand;

• “Miller & Fried”, coproduction with Globo Filmes, screened at São Paulo and Rio theaters and during the Prime Time at Globonews. At streaming is available on Now, DAZN and Vimeo on Demand;

• “Derby Day”, a documental series of 10 episodes co-produced with Globosat, available on Mais Globosat Play’s VOD;

• “Vilanova Artigas: The Architect and the Light” which is a large multi-platform and cultural project, involving dozens of professionals in partnership with Itaú Cultural. We were recognized with the award for best Lusophone film at the 3rd Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisboa and the architect’s centennial project won the APCA award for the set of cultural actions in 2015. In addition, we were on display for 11 weeks in cinemas and in 7 capitals all over Brazil. Today O2 Play distributes in VOD on, Now, iTunes, Google Play and Vimeo On Demand.

• “Tapajós Treasures”, a 13 documental-episode series produced with FSA resources, Prodav 2 line, and licensed for the FishTV channel and still unpublished.

In addition to developing our own stories, directors, producers, screenwriters and researchers bring us several projects at different stages of development. Our collaboration happens by thinking and shaping these projects so that they become viable. Sometimes a project needs an executive production consultancy to take off; in others the project needs to mature a concept and an argument. We are currently looking for co-productions and partners for more than 20 projects under development at the house.

Olé Produções believes in good stories, access to great characters and great situations. We think every day how to make them. New films, documentaries and series will be made by us, join us.

Gal Buitoni


Producer and Executive Producer, owner of Olé Produções and professor at AIC (International Cinema School of São Paulo). Graduated in Communications – bachelor in Radio and TV, at FAAP (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – finished in 2005), has experience in videos, TV programs, documentaries, publicity, branded content, short, medium and feature films.

Worked in multiple areas, as art production, casting, production and executive production, at the biggest production companies in Brazil. Worked as assistant executive producer and clearance coordinator in the feature film “Blindness” directed by Fernando Meirelles, producer at It’s All True – International Documentary Film Festival, executive producer of the documentaries “Football and Barriers”, “Vilanova Artigas: the architect and the light”, “Miller & Fried” and “It’s All a Plan”, winner of audience award at São Paulo International Film Festival. On TV, worked as executive producer of “SOS Pé na Bunda” for Warner Channel, “A Secretária do Presidente” for Multishow and “Dia de Clássico” for +Globosat, “Searching the Snakes” and “The Fire at Brazilian National Museum” both for National Geographic Channel.

As executive producer of Spray Films, worked for the series “Jailers” (TV Globo, MIPTV Drama Screenings Award), the documentary “Imprisoned” and the feature film “Abe”, directed by Fernando Grostein Andrade (Selected for Sundance 2019 and released in April 2020). The most recent work was “Dating Around Brazil” for Netflix, produced by Endemol Shine Brazil and to be released on July 2020.

Luiz Ferraz


Director specialized in nonfiction projects, always looking for different forms of documentary language as a device to tell his stories. He went through major producers in the market such as O2 Filmes, Bossa Nova Films, Mixer, among others. Since 2007, he has been producing and directing projects at Olé Produções in parallel with work in partnership with other producers and production companies such as Grifa Filmes, Duo2.tv, Boutique Filmes, Big Bonsai, among others.

His most recent work is the direction of Episode 4 and the second unit of the series “All or Nothing: Brazilian Football Team” (5 × 52 ′) first documentary series of Amazon Prime Video in Brazil by Big Bonsai and Pitch Productions, the direction from the series “Cine Terror” (13 × 26 ′) by Grifa Filmes for Prime Box Brazil channel in addition to the direction of the episode Security of the series “Sociedade do Cansaço” (10 × 30 ′) by Spray Filmes for GNT.

At Olé Produções he’s producing the documentaries “Outro Rolê” (70 ′) with PROAC ICMS resources, “Dança de Aluguel” (80 ′) winner of the PROAC public fund and the series “Marcenaria Brasil” (8 × 26 ′) with resources from FSA – Prodav 1, licensed for the Canal Curta! and who also signs the direction.

He co-directed the documentary for the National Geographic Channel “The Brazilian National Museum Fire” (48 ′) by Duo2.tv and 2 episodes – LGBTphobia and Religious Intolerance – from the “Explorer Investigation” series (6 × 26 ′) also for Natgeo by Vice Media. He signs the direction of the series “Tesouros do Tapajós” (13 × 24 ′) licensed for Fishtv via FSA – Prodav 02.

He was also director of the documentary “Miller & Fried” (70 ′) in co-production with Globo Filmes, screened in theaters in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and during prime time at Globonews and the series “ What will it be? ” (27 × 5 ′) and “Can I Help?” (9 × 15 ′) screened in the program “How will it be?” at TV Globo by Boutique Filmes. He also directed 2 seasons of the series “Wild World” (9 × 48 ′ and 4 × 44 ′) and “Extraordinary Stories” (8 × 44 ′) by Dogs Can Fly, all for Natgeo.

He directed the documentaries “Barbeiros” (20 ′) screened at It’s All True Festival, Karlovy Vary (Czech Rep.) and Festival do Rio, “Samba de Quadra” (17 ′) screened in more than 20 festivals such as It’s All True Festival and DocsMX (Mexico) and winner of 7 awards and “O Pai do Gol” (20 ′), screened at Cine Ceará, New York Brazilian Film Festival and at Festival do Rio.

As a producer he did the documentaries “It’s All a Plan” (74), licensed by the channel Curta! via FSA – Prodav 6 – about the architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha and elected best documentary by the public at the São Paulo IFF in 2017, “Vilanova Artigas: The Architect and the Light” (90 ′) sponsored by Itaú Cultural, screened for 11 weeks in cinemas in Brazil and winner of the APCA award for the set of cultural actions made by the centenary and “Football and Barriers” (110 ′) screened at the São Paulo International Film Festival and awarded at the LAIFF in Buenos Aires.

He also produced the series “Dia de Clássico” (10 × 28 ′) with co-production of Mais Globosat and the short film “Funeral à Cigana” (15 ′) screened in more than 30 festivals and received 11 awards, highlighting the awards in the Gramado Festival (Soundtrack), Rio Festival (Best Film by the public), DIVA Festival Valparaíso in Chile (Best Direction) and Rosario International Festival in Argentina (Art Direction).

In advertising and branded content, he has directed films for important brands such as Caixa Econômica Federal, Nissan, Smirnoff, Ford, Itaú Personnalite, Petrobras, Sony, Braskem, Flexform, Qualcomm, Pão de Açucar, Audi, always in partnership with producers specialized in this market.

Directory as director: hhttps://vimeo.com/lferraz